The Universidad Peruana de Integración Global is a Peruvian University located in the south part of Lima, that is very committed to the development of this poor area of city. We offer to our students not only competitive careers  in the market but also our students obtain practical and humanitarian application in those parts of Lima. It is not enough to acquire a textbook knowledge of other peoples. Thus, we encourage the people to truly interact with the local culture.

As our name in Spanish means “to integrate the world” we try to engage the global community to learn from other experiences and not to be only in a classroom. The university offers the careers of Law, Political Science, Nursing, Civil Engineering, and International business, but it also has some courses of general studies. Thus they can have a total immersion in Peruvian history and culture.
On the other hand, the social projects that the university is involved with support the community in different districts of the south of Lima like Chorrillos, Villa Maria del Triunfo, San Juan the Miraflores, Villa el Salvador, Pachacamac. This gives the International Students deeper perspectives and new challenges to develop their skills.
The courses are in Spanish but we strongly believe that students not only learn the language in a classroom but the best is to come to a Spanish country and interact with Peruvian students and professors to better develop their skills.

Finally this study abroad is organized  in small groups so the education will be more personalized. Thus we don’t have the problems of informality that many other university programs have.
Thank you for selecting us.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me at this email with any questions you may have.

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